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Home Care

Home care available for physiotherapy in your home, in most of the areas in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto. Physiotherapy delivered at your home saves you money and time as you get treatment schedule based on your convenience. You also avoid paying parking fees, travelling, waiting in a clinic for your turn and other cost involved in visiting a clinic. Our friendly physiotherapist can work on your schedule with mutually agreed timing to maintain your lifestyle and working hours.

Initial Assessment (includes treatment): $100

Treatment Sessions*: $80 (30 MIN)
                                   $100 (1 HR)

* Surcharge may apply with distance and late hours. CALL US AT 905-363-1031 FOR DETAILS

Who can bene
fit from the home care services
  • Clients who had motor vehicle accidents and require in home therapy.
  • Clients who cannot visit a clinic due to their underlying illness
  • Clients admitted in Nursing Homes, assisted living facilities or retirements homes
  • Clients who have been discharged from hospital and require ongoing physiotherapy for their recovery.

Home care Services we provide are

MOBILITY ASSESSMENTS: Through ADP (Assitive Devices Program Funded by ministry of health) for clients requiring walkers, wheelchairs etc.

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT or car accident clients requiring in home physiotherapy.

FALL PREVENTION PROGRAM for seniors who are at risk for fall or had falls for seniors staying at home, nursing homes, retirement homes and assisted living facilities.

POST SURGICAL or post hospitalization physiotherapy for various causes including joint replacements (e.g. hip replacement), stroke, fracture, spinal cord injuries , multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s etc.

* There may be extra cost involved depending on your location.

CALL US FOR DETAILS : 905-363-1031

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